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, a regular gathering of people for the purchase or sale of provisions and other commodities 

Locally sourced and locally sold is what we strive for and here you will find nearly everything you could need to prepare a delicious and healthy home cooked meal.  The Butcher's Barrel Market will supply the freshest and ripest produce and fruit, as well as pantry staples like spices and oils.

Make the Butcher's Barrel Market your one stop shop for all your cooking needs. 

Vegetable Market fresh the butchers barrel
spices herbs market fresh The Butchers barrel
Fruit Market the butchers barrel
Gourmet Olive Oil spices market the Butcher's Barrel
vegetables fruit fresh market the butcher's barrel

Join the Butcher's Family

& rECEIVE Discounts, INVITES, and MORE

The Butcher's Barrel Restaurant OPENING SOON IN OAKLAND PARK, FLORIDA 

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